Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Resolution Warriors

I have never been one for New Year's Resolutions, at least not in recent years. They don't stick - they don't work - they are a joke and I don't care to be the punchline. Yet there's something about the newness of it all that DOES make one want to take inventory and make changes. The hypocrisy of this, by the way, is not lost on me.

So it is that I find myself making changes in these first few weeks of the new year that I hope will stick. So it is that I find myself making changes related to the most stereotypical of resolutions. I am de-cluttering and re-claiming the house. I am reading more and watching TV less. I am cooking - and baking - more, and even trying to keep up with the dishes those activities produce. I am doing my nails and my hair and working on a skincare regimen. I know. Am I not the living end?

And one more thing.

I am back at the gym.

It didn't start as a vile New Year's Resolution or even as a result of taking inventory and making changes. No. It started with Ninja Warrior. My girls got it into their head - after a weekend marathon of Women of Ninja Warrior - that they would like to go into training. So I took them to the gym. What sort of parent says 'no' when their generally sedentary children actually and enthusiastically request exercise?

I walked into the gym and felt at home.

Now I knew I was out of shape and that I needed to take it slow to avoid injury (and burnout). Three days in and I'm sporting a delicious burn in my abs and biceps. How did I live so long without this? I LOVE this!

You know what else I love? I love the Y. I am never the heaviest person there. I am pretty sure that there are a lot of folks there who work hard and don't lose weight. My peeps. Maybe - MAYbe - I actually have a shot at keeping health as a goal rather than weight loss this time. It's a big maybe. I don't love being big. Plus, truth be told, I have gotten on the scale every day. I have lost (if the scale is to be believed and all the daily fluctuations and all the other factors that could make this inaccurate are to be dismissed) five pounds in three days. I'd be a huge liar if I told you that wasn't encouraging. But that can't be the motivation - it can't, can't, can't. I will never stick with it if that is my motivation, and that would be a shame because I love it SO much!

And I need to stick with it.

Not that it's a resolution or anything...

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