Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Support Me on This

Some facts:

I have lost 50 pounds.

I am still very big.

I love clothes.

I have a very exaggerated curvy figure. My hips, thighs and bottom are disproportionately large in comparison to what is becoming a much smaller waist.

That doesn't sound too bad. It sounds pretty good to a certain faction, I'll reckon.

But it's a very difficult figure to dress.

Loose clothes are comfortable, but they look sloppy and -- more importantly -- hide that waist I've been working so hard on.

Tighter clothes -- well -- that's the direction I was leaning.  Until I saw a full length picture of myself. I'd post it here, but I've already cropped it. It was so distressing. I felt so cute and stylish but I still just looked frumpy and fat. 

DAMN it!

One can't wear wrap dresses every day. (Or can one?)

So I've been thinking about support garments. I haven't worn them in years. You get to a certain weight  and the little bit of help that they offer doesn't really mean anything. Band-aid on a stab wound territory. But at this new -- still large but smaller -- weight, I wonder if they might be just the thing to push me into looking as cute and stylish as I feel.

It sort of feels like a cheat to even be thinking about it.

I don't color my hair.

I don't wear much make-up.

I pretty much am what I am. I'm -- honest about my looks. No secrets. No surprises. Here I am, this is me.

Would a supportive undergarment change that?

Would compression pants make me look and feel better at the gym? Or would they just make me look like a walking sausage?

I had already promised myself that my next big clothing splurge was going to be a trip to Victoria's Secret for a proper bra fitting and a handful of proper bras. Is offering some support to the lower regions as well as the upper really such a huge step? Would I be trying to deceive the world -- or, worse yet, myself -- or is it really just as simple as wanting to look nicer in the clothes I want to wear?

So many questions.

So little money.

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