Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Bi's, Tri's and Sighs

Biceps and triceps day is not my favorite.

I don't mind tricep work -- I think my tri's are actually becoming sort of strong. But my biceps are weak, weak, weak. I know that just means I need to work them more -- and I DO -- but it is not my favorite. It makes me feel weak and feeling weak makes me feel angry and feeling weak and angry inevitably leads to me questioning my motivation towards the whole thing.

So I'm doing cable bicep curls -- with an embarrassingly low weight and what must have been a nasty grimace on my face -- when a gym acquaintance touched me on the shoulder to get my attention then started a slow clap. Annoyed, and sure that he was making fun of me (believe me -- he's not using low weights on ANY move) because of the pussy weights I was lifting, I popped out one ear plug and said, "Seriously? I don't deserve clapping on bicep day. Stop it."

Ever the cheerleader, he said, "Yes you do! You're doing great!" I still felt a little bad, and then a little worse because I realized that I may have inadvertently fished for a compliment (which he cheerfully provided, but...) He continued, "You are here. On this REALLY cold day. You don't have to be, but you are. You are here and you are working on the body part you least enjoy working on and that, my friend, deserves applause."

God damn.

He was right.

I could have been in the warmth of my home, wrapped in a blanket and eating pancakes, but I wasn't.

I was there, because to be anywhere else would've felt wrong.

I think I can safely say that the workouts have become a habit. A routine. Something that is just done.

And that makes me feel kind of strong.

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