Thursday, December 20, 2012

Head Down, Power Through

I gained weight.

I gained fucking weight.

I fucking gained weight.

I am so angry at myself right now.

It's not been a great week.

We have eaten out a lot.

Like -- breakfast, lunch and dinner a lot.

I make the best choices I can.

Except that damn fudge at work. That was not a good choice. And I made it two days in a row.

But mostly I make the best choices I can.

I missed a couple workouts last week.

Life. Holidays. Stuff.

But I got in more than I missed. I really only missed two.

Everything combined in a bad way.

I feel gross.


(And that's a big but, to go along with my big butt. See what I did there?)

I still went to the gym this morning.

I will make the best choices I possibly can today.

I will not let this stop me.

Because it's only weight.

I'm still strong -- I know -- I lifted the hell out of heavy things this morning. I pushed like I was pissed. (Mostly because I was. That helped.)

It's a backslide.

They happen.

They're possibly worse, even, than plateaus.

But I can beat it.

I can beat the hell out of it.

Head down, power through.


  1. "I'm still strong..." Damn skippy you are! And I promise to do better on meals next week. We have all weekend to plan them.

  2. You mean all weekend at my mom's house? Where we'll just get subs and pizzas and hot dogs and also Christmas goodies? I'm gonna need some serious - something - to get through the next week.

  3. Also, I drank a beer last night and then couldn't sleep. So you're not the only one who can't learn a lesson.