Saturday, March 7, 2009

Saturday in the Park

And today's fitness walk took place in the park. We didn't get far - just a little over a mile - but I will say I was willing to go further. It was probably good not to overdo it. I guess. I really just loved being outside with the whole family, holding hands with my sweetie.

I love this picture, because it is us and it was such a nice time. Don't have to tell you, I don't reckon, what I don't like about it. I debated posting it. Debated it a lot. I usually crop pics of myself or hide behind people probably know the tricks. But this one makes me just a little more happy than unhappy. So I bravely posted it, both here and on Facebook. I fully expect to regret that... But if I'm going to preach the whole be who you be thing, then I best get used to who I be. And this is that. And that is ok.

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