Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Gym Rats and Beach Bums

For weeks leading up to my vacation I worried -- what effect was being away from home -- and my gym -- going to have on my fitness progress? I considered buying a weekly membership at a local gym, but my mother assured me that there was a great workout facility in her condo. I had my trainer help me out with some workouts that didn't rely too heavily on equipment and I approached my week off without a care in the world.

When we got here, I immediately went to the exercise facility to get the lay of the land. It was a bad lay. Pretty, pristine, well-maintained -- but no substance.


I texted my trainer in a minor panic. I could've made due for a weekend -- but for 10 days? I didn't like to think about how far backwards that might take me. She came through, of course. Because there is ALWAYS something you can do. No excuses.

One plan she wrote for me was a beach workout.

Are you picturing something like this?

photo: http://www.sunlightfitness.com/home/folly-beach-personal-trainer/

Because I totally was. And this is hot.

But I look like this.

So I approached it with a little trepidation.

People thinking of this came to mind.

photo: http://www.dnainfo.com/new-york/20121226/breezy-point/beached-whale-found-breezy-point
But I gave myself a good talking to. For Pete's sake. I've come so far. So I don't have a beach body. Doesn't mean I don't deserve to workout on the beach. Today was gonna be the day. Just do it.

I donned a long sleeved T-shirt and a hoodie -- because the folks on the local news were making it sound like it was going to feel like the tundra out there and those were the warmest things I'd packed -- and headed outside.

I started out walking -- then sideways walking and backwards walking -- squats -- pushups -- squats with leg lifts -- always walking between each set.

My training partners were only slightly less shrill and obnoxious than Jillian Michaels. And way more charming. Though considerably less helpful than my own beloved trainer. Eh. You take what you can get.

Did people notice me? Did they think I looked foolish? I have no earthly idea, and -- what's more -- I couldn't care less. Could. Not. Care. Less. Because it wasn't for them, it was for me. And it was awesome.

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