Thursday, January 3, 2013


Maybe I could've gone to the gym today.

I didn't.

Maybe I could've gone to work today.

I didn't.

I was wicked sick yesterday and -- although I feel a lot better today -- I am giving myself time to recover.

I am reminding myself of my goals -- to be healthier and feel better. To be stronger. Yesterday I was too weak to climb the stairs without needing a little nap to recover. Today I am stronger than that.

Tomorrow maybe I will go back to the gym.

Tomorrow maybe I will go back to work.

Tomorrow maybe I will go back to normal.

Today I will recover and maybe even baby myself a little bit.

Because my training has never been about a specific goal.

It's about being stronger every day.

It's about learning moderation.

I wrote about how the "cheat day" is an important and integral part of the eating plan. I don't need or want a "rest day" from exercise every week. But maybe -- one or two now and then -- is just what my body needs.

I needed to rest today.

Tomorrow, maybe I will be fierce.

Today? I will take another nap.

And maybe that's just what I need.

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