Friday, January 4, 2013

Take What You Need...

... need what you take.

Some facsimile of that platitude is posted at every all-you-can-eat restaurant. The same theory is at play with the take a penny/leave a penny cups at the registers at most convenience stores and gas stations.

It makes sense.

My trainer -- a young and extraordinarily fit woman -- had a heart cath over the weekend. I spoke to her husband this morning and he said she expected to be back to training mid-week next week. I told him -- and meant it quite sincerely -- that she should take whatever she needs -- that her recovery is certainly more important than my (and, I assume, her other clients') training. She needs to rest and take care of herself and follow her doctor's orders and recover.

Take what you need.

But she also DOES need to get back to work and to her own training as soon as she is able. And that does not necessarily mean that she needs to wait until she is 100%. How many of us put off any number of things because we're not 100%? It is not an all-or-nothing game. If she feels 50% recovered and exerts 50% of her previous effort -- that is 100% made of win.

Need what you take.

On a much smaller scale, this refers to what I wrote about yesterday -- I needed a little rest after my bout with stomach flu. I do not feel 100% today. But I feel a lot better. I went to the gym and I gave it what I had. I have had better workouts, no doubt. But what I had was better than nothing. Way better. I took what I needed, I gave it what I had. I can't ask more of myself.

Another point that this raises: she is such a great trainer, that I will be able to proceed without her. Of course I prefer working with her. I work harder and heavier with her -- partially because of her encouragement and confidence, but mostly because I know that she is spotting me. If I overextend my limits I won't get hurt. But she has not taught me dependence. She has given me the tools that I need and I'll be ok while she takes what she needs.

And I know she needs what she takes.

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