Monday, January 28, 2013

Woo and Might I Add a Hearty Hoo

I lost weight on my vacation.

Somewhere in the neighborhood of 4.5 pounds.

I am astounded and thrilled.

That should not have happened. 

I ate weird.

I worked out light.

And yet.

Perhaps this is another lesson learned -- or a continuation of the one I've been learning. The rest and the indulgences are an integral part of the plan. All work and no play not only makes Tammy a dull girl, it makes her a girl who sticks at plateaus too long. A carbalicious treat, a lighter workout, a skipped workout -- as long as they're used sparingly -- can provide the push that is needed to get over a bump in the road.

This isn't supposed to be about the weight.

It isn't supposed to be about the scale.

But it sure is nice when things move in the direction you want them to.

It sure is nice.

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