Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Fat Tuesday

So on a day devoted to indulgence, I did not skip the gym. Don't bother patting me on the back, I'm doing a fine job of that myself. Another new teacher - she was tough. Reminded me a little of Amy (sniff! Amy!). Really could've used the hot tub today. The hot tub is out of service. Really? REALLY?? Pfft.

I did have a little treat for breakfast, though - real maple syrup on my pancakes. Even Liv had some - and she usually eats her pancakes dry. It was really good - it's been a long time. Liv said we should get this all the time. I think not. Cost twice as much for half as much. But wait. Ok. So it's a treat - an indulgence. Pancakes ought to be an indulgence. So maybe I SHOULD buy it all the time. Something to think about, I suppose.

Lasagna for dinner.

Thinking Greek for lunch.

So I guess it's a GOOD thing I went to the gym...cause maybe it's a sort of indulgent day after all...

Another note - when I arrive for class in the room of mirrors, I don't hate how I look standing there. That changes, of course, once other people start filtering in and I have a basis for comparison. It changes even more when I start to actually move. Something to think about. Or maybe not.

Happy Fat Tuesday!

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