Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Well THAT Didn't Take Long...

Yeah. I got on the scale. Not for the first time. And there was a 1 pound loss. And I liked it. This is what I was trying to avoid. But I don't know how to avoid it. Maybe being aware isn't so bad. As long as I don't become obsessed, it's ok, right? As long as I don't beat myself up if I don't see results or stop seeing results it's ok, right? Oh, man, who am I kidding? I want to lose weight and there's no way to put myself in a fitness situation and remain unaware of it. Shoot.

On the upside - EXCELLENT muscle conditioning class today. We had a sub named Stephanie and she was awesome. We really worked hard - I feel it already, so I can hardly wait to see what I feel tomorrow!

I spent a lovely 10 minutes alone in the whirlpool. Nice.

I also came to the realization that I'm gonna need a one-piece suit. Getting in and out of the tankini when it's wet is just too darn hard. Just getting from the locker room to the jacuzzi and/or pool isn't going to be long enough to chafe... I imagine it will look rather awful. But I don't think I look particularly cute struggling with the wet sports bra lining of the one I have, either. It's gonna have to be done.

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