Friday, February 27, 2009


Class with Bobbi yesterday. 'Twas a good one. Serious ab work - I couldn't make it through.

This mornings inventory: legs sore from back of knees to top of butt (awesome); abs not as sore as I expected, considering how quickly I fatigued yesterday; arms - nuthin'; back tired but not sore per se. I'm glad about that. Sore legs and abs rock, a sore back sucks.

Weight - essentially unchanged. Not my goal, not my goal, not my goal...

Tuesday and Thursday classes have become pretty much ingrained in my routine, but everything else is sort of catch as catch can. Definitely not a daily habit yet. But 2X a week solid is better than 0X a week, right? When Tom's schedule calms down (another month!!!) maybe the girls and I will get better at going in the evening. For now, what I'm doing is working out ok. I need to start incorporating daily cardio, but, yuck, y'know? But it really has to be done. Alternate between stationary bike and elliptical. That will be relatively kind to my old knees.

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