Sunday, February 8, 2009

Swimming and Biking and Writing - Oh My!

The girls wanted to go the the Y today so they could swim. They invited their cousin to join them. Not big on swimming that doesn't result in me with a tan, I opted to go to the gym after they took their "deep water" tests. I rode the stationary bike for 20 minutes - I am working myself up slowly to 45 minutes of cardio. Baby steps, baby steps. I got off and walked, but probably only about 1/4 mile. It was just a cool down - and I was anxious to get back to the pool. I used the rest of the time while they swam to noodle around in a journal. Because 3 blogs just don't give me enough opportunities to gaze at my navel.

Lea made me a killer workout mix for my ipod. She is dragging me kicking and screaming into the 21st century. The upside is that she knows how to sniff out the dirty guitar licks I love. The bad news is that they're accompanied by some pretty nasty lyrics that I'm not real comfortable with my daughter listening to. A mild conundrum.

ALso - the big gals were out in full force - both in the gym and in the pool. I know it's wrong, but that made me feel so much more comfortable.

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