Thursday, February 12, 2009

Judgy McJudgerson

Well, for someone who claims being open-minded as a major part of their being, I sure can make some snap judgments.

I went to my muscle conditioning class today and was a little taken aback when I saw the instructor. She was older with her gray hair cut in a practical short bob. She had a sturdy build. She had asked us to get WAY more materials than any of my previous instructors had asked us to get. I had a bad feeling. This was gonna be lame.

She started the class right on time (something none of the others so far have done). She led us through our warm-up with enthusiasm usually reserved for folks much younger than she. Then we got to the heart of the routine. And she kicked. Our. Asses. We had so many materials because she didn't want to leave any time for messing around between exercises. We did this, now we're doing this - put that down, grab this. The amount of reps she led us through was brutal! In 45 minutes she managed a GOOD total body workout. I am already sore, I can't imagine how I'm gonna feel tomorrow...

So I was feeling embarrassed for having made a snap judgment - and one that turned out to be so very very wrong. I started looking around the room. The woman with the nicest body (by societal standards) was using momentum rather than her muscles. Her form was awful. She also used the lightest weights and never once made it through a whole set of anything. The skinny little girl with the amazing arms? She traded her 3 pound weights in for 1 pound weights when we started doing serious bi/tri work. The other fat chick? Her form wasn't perfect, but her endurance was awesome. My form was pretty good, but I didn't always make it all the way through each set. Anyone looking at this group at rest would've gotten it all wrong.

I got it all wrong.

And I should've known better.

Going to bed tonight wiser than I was when I woke up this morning.

And I thought the Y was only gonna be good for my body...

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